army potatoPeeling fruits and vegetables can be a time consuming and boring task. I remember stories my father used to tell me about his time in the army. Whoever was the last to finish a race had to peel a whole mountain of potatoes the next day using nothing but a small knife. It’s needless to say my father would kill for an electric peeler back in the day.

Having the best peeler for fruits and vegetables can save you a lot of time, especially if you cook meals for a large family. Whether you are looking for a cheap potato peeler that only costs a couple of dollars, or a commercial electric vegetable peeler that can peel even the most stubborn vegetables like butter, you are at the right place. Check out our ultimate guides that will help you make the right buying decision.

Vegetable peeler comparison

Potato peelers

zorvana peelerPotato peelers are probably the most popular peelers on the market. We all know how boring it is to peel potatoes with a paring knife and that’s why it’s always a good thing to buy a device designed especially for peeling. The main question is, should you buy a manual or an electric peeler? Electric ones are usually more expensive, but they do the job much quicker. Some of them can peel 2 lbs of potato in under 2 minutes and can be used in smaller restaurants. One of them is the Zorvana Baby Gold.

It’s appropriate for larger households and for family meetings where you have to peel several pounds of potato at once. The package also includes a high speed salad spinner, a cleanup brush for easy cleaning, and a measuring cup made of silicone.

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Apple peelers

LOHOME Electric Potato PeelerApple peelers are very similar to potato peelers and majority of them are suitable for both. They can be an excellent Christmas gift for vegetarians and Paleo diet fans, and they are usually affordable. Our top pick is the LOHOME electric peeler which is designed to peel different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

It comes in four different designs (black, green, red, white), so there’s no doubt that it can fit into any modern kitchen. It can be powered by either four AA bateries (which aren’t included in the package), or a 6V adapter (which is included in the package).

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Commercial peelers

megalane automatic Electric Potato Peeling MachineSometimes a device with capability of peeling 2 lbs of vegetable in 2 minutes is not enough. Maybe you own a restaurant, or a fast food chain and you don’t want your employees to spend hours a day for peeling potatoes. If you need to peel large amounts of vegetables, you probably need a commercial peeler that can automatically peel several hundred pounds of potato in an hour.

Our top pick is the MegaLane. It can peel up to 240kg potatoes per hour with a centrifugal principle technology. It can be used for peeling potatoes, taros, arrowhead and other similar vegetable. The weight of this product is 52 kg and it measures 50 x 48 x 85 cm.

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Advantages of having a peeler

Time saving – Peeling is a time consuming task. Having a peeler means that you will spend less time peeling vegetables, and more time cooking.

Safety – Most of us have experienced cuts and injuries using knives. Most peelers (especially electric ones) have numerous safety features and are much safer than using knives.

Easiness of use – Electric peelers aren’t just easy to use, they are also fun to use. Peeling can be a very boring task, but not with electric peelers.